Artist Statement

Jeweled mosaics have become my specialty. The opulent sparkle is like working with mini rays of sunshine.

Having worked in front of a computer for 25 years left me with all kinds of hand, arm and shoulder discomfort. Cutting glass tile and smalti made the situation worse, so I looked for new ways to still create mosaic art.

Mosaic creation is satisfying on so many levels. I did not want to give that up. My brain's creative imagination becomes free to explore. My visual sense is dazzled by the variety of colors, textures, and shapes. My tactile sense is stimulated by intimately working with the raw materials. Dexterity and steady hands are a must, which keeps me focused and aware. I cherished these mosaic experiences and challenges.

Then, I fell in love with glass stones. New or vintage, large or small, it did not matter. I have always been awed by sparkling things since childhood. Poor vision has made me fancy the vivid, bright, and bold all my life. Now I immerse myself in them all day long. I embed each exquisite stone, no matter how tiny into the mosaic substrate by hand, pave style. I like recycling vintage and antique items as bases. Turning them into jeweled one-of-a-kind specialty mosaics. Giving them a new life and me a new one too!

Mosaic is a symphony I love from beginning to end.