Resurrected Life

Resurrected Life

One night the Lord came to me
and dropped off a gift.
I opened it while sleeping,
awoke in deep peace.

Anxiety had left me,
my mind clear and sharp.
My soul healed and whole,
love pouring from my heart.

No longer am I feeling lost.
Gone is arrogance and sin.
Forgiveness is my golden rule,
letting go of earthly things.

A new person has been born
full of wonder and awe.
A guiding hand is helping me,
a clear path has been shown.

For I will never be afraid
of what the world might do.
I have faith and I believe
Jesus Christ is what’s true.

The greatest gift I ever got
was given by the Lord.
The Holy Spirit dwells in me,
direct connection to God.

-Verdonna Westcott, 12/11/2019