rhinestone egg paperweight jeweled by Verdonna Westcott
I will take to you a place, reserved for the human race. More glorious than eyes have seen. Way beyond wildest dreams.
Your invitation comes by grace. Consume me with belief and faith. Your sins be gone and erased. You are my child. I've saved your place.
-Verdonna Westcott, 6/3/2021
pearl copper resurrection jesus christ by verdonna westcott
O, Father

Plant me at the feet of you where all my hopes and dreams come true.

To serve the one who speaks the truth who lived on earth and gave us proof.
Through blood and body sacrifice he kept his plan to pay the price.

For human sin he did atone ransomed us for his very own.
Conquering death that third day came back to life, showed us the way.

Grand is the plan for earthly lands by the power of his strong hands.
World be changed his kingdom comes for all his children whom he loves.

Dwelling in riches beyond compare with Jesus Christ standing there.
Reigning supreme there is no other. King of Kings, forever our Father.

-Verdonna Westcott, 7/3/2020